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Olympic Informatics - The season 1

In order to create a research field for students, Nha Trang campus has just held the first season of the Olympic Informatics. The competition attracted almost 200 students. There are 12 prominent students in the final round.

The final round took place on 14 May, 2018 in building A, Nha Trang Campus with the attendence of lecturers and students.

Here are some photos:

n_Thay co tham du.jpg

Lectures at the final round

n_khan gia.jpg


n_Team CPU.jpg


n_Team KEYBOARD.jpg


n_Team MOUSE.jpg

n_Team RAM.jpg

The finalist teams

n_Giai 1.jpg

Mr. Lê Công An with the first place winner

n_Giai 2.jpg

Ms. Cao Thị Thanh Hiền with the second place winner

n_Giai 3.jpg

Ms. Đoàn Thị Thủy with the third place winner

n_Giai KK.jpg

Ms. Trần Cao Thảo Nguyên with the consolation team.

n_Luu niem.jpg

The finalists take the group photo